Whether you are beginning your career in logistics, distribution or transportation or you are an experienced professional in the field, the APICS CLTD program is designed to meet the needs of working, adult learners.

The flexible learning options make it easier to pursue certification while you work to increase your earning potential and advance your career.


All delivery options use the APICS CLTD Learning System as their study materials.

Individual Self-Directed

Freedom to access the course whenever you need from wherever you are.

  • Flexibility to study anytime and anywhere
  • Learn in your own style
  • Learn at your own pace

Benefit from expert instructors and peer collaboration while you stay on track.

  • Convenient hours and locations – offered after work or on weekends around the world
  • Structured schedule – follow a set class syllabus to stay on track
  • Qualified instructors – learn from experienced and qualified instructors
  • Networking opportunities – discuss topics with peers from diverse background
Corporate/Group Training (2+)

Get a volume discount on the new CLTD Learning System. Save $50 on each program when you purchase two or more.

  • Study Group or Instructor-led format can educate small or large groups of employees
  • Flexible implementation options for one office or multiple location
Study Groups

Study groups are the best way to gain the advantages of group training as well as generous discounts on the new CLTD Learning System.

Benefit from:

  • Peer collaboration
  • Group support
  • Structured schedule to stay on track