The APICS CLTD Learning System is a comprehensive professional development and exam preparation program. This program combines reading materials with interactive web-based study tools that cover the entire APICS CLTD Exam Content Manual (ECM).

Comprehensive Reading Materials
  • Eight modules divided across four easy-to-understand books totaling over 900 pages of content.
  • Progress check questions at the end of each section to ensure users stay on track and retain the information.
  • Every practice question in the web-based tools are mapped back to the location in the reading materials where that content is covered.
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Interactive Web-Based Study Tools
  • Study when and where it’s convenient from your computer or mobile device.
  • Determine your initial level of knowledge.
  • Create a study plan based on your individual needs.
  • Reinforce concepts learned in the reading materials with practice tests containing more than 800 questions.
  • Track your learning progress through online reports.

Each learning module is available in print and e-reader format

One year access to the web-based study tools and tests.

All learning options use the APICS CLTD Learning System as their foundation materials.

Interactive Web-Based Component Details
  • Pretest and posttest
    These practice tests, consisting of 50 multiple-choice questions each, cover content drawn from the entire system. After each question, you will be provided with immediate feedback, including the correct answer and the rationale for that answer. A running total of questions answered is provided as you proceed through the test. The pretest results will provide you with an indication of those areas that require the most attention. The posttest results will measure your progress following your completion of the course.
  • Smart-Study™ Tool
    Build a customized study plan using your pretest results to target your most challenging topics and optimize your study time.
  • Module section quizzes
    Functioning similarly to the pre and posttests, the module section quizzes allow you to check your understanding and retention of materials within a given module. The questions include immediate feedback, answer rationales and reference to the relevant sections in the text so you can review trouble areas.
  • Practice Exam
    Build confidence for the certification exam and gain comfort and experience with the format and functionality of the computer-based APICS CLTD exam. The 50-question practice exam measures elapsed time and assess whether you are on track to complete the APICS CLTD exam in the allotted time. Users can flag questions for review and skip and return to questions later in the test. Following the practice exam, users can review results, including incorrect and correct questions.
  • Reports
    Individuals and course administrators can track course progress and document learning gain through a complimentary reporting feature that includes pretest, posttest, module and section-specific test scores.
  • Certificate of Achievement
    Earn a Certificate of Achievement for scoring 80% or higher on the posttest.
  • Mobile Study Tools
    Maximize your downtime and study on-the-go by accessing the online tools and resources on your tablet’s or mobile phone’s browser.
  • Online Access Period
    Learners have access to the online study tools for one year from date of purchase.
  • Resource Center
    Access to a complimentary download of the most recent APICS CLTD ECM, product updates, related links, test-taking tips and certification exam resources. There are also feedback opportunities and additional reference materials in this section.
  • Glossary
    The web-based pop-up glossary allows users to look up definitions of terms without leaving current modules or activities.
  • Flashcards
    The Flashcards will supplement your exam practice sessions by testing your knowledge using an online, interactive drill-and-practice format. Flashcards can also be printed for review away from an internet connection.

Please note: Completing the APICS CLTD Learning System is not a substitute for the APICS CLTD certification examination. The certification examination requires a separate exam fee and you must submit eligibility and application forms. 

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